We are creators of extraordinary experiences. We are dreamers. We have imaginations that we let run wild.


But whats more, we have the skill, the experience and the motivation to turn those dreams into a reality for our clients. We create worlds of intrigue where our audience can leave their normal lives behind for a short (or long!) moment in time to relish in our clients' brand or message.


Founded in 2016 by Jenna McGregor and fuelled by a passion for perfection. Following a successful track record of managing, creating and executing incentives and events, Brown Fox was created. Brown Fox has a strong vision to transform incentives of the past, with a different and creative approach. 

Created for those who want to set themselves apart, we work with clients to ensure that their travel incentive or event is structured, launched, promoted and executed in the most efficient, yet extraordinary way to maximise results.

Not afraid of a challenge, we execute our incentive and event experiences all over the globe. No destination is too big or too remote for us to tackle. No group is too large or too small. 

We seek to surprise and delight our audience by providing off-the-grid, extraordinary incentive and event experiences while providing best-in-class service.

We stop at nothing to ensure we exceed expectations. Every time. We are relentless in achieving our clients' business goals….which then become our goals too.


With incentive and event experience spanning over a decade in both the agency and corporate world,

we get it.