We believe in our vision to transform the way people feel. We do this through our relentless pursuit of perfection and the creation of extraordinary experiences.


We believe in being fearless, fresh and creative with each and every approach. There is a lot at stake for our clients. Providing the perfect incentive travel or event experience and gaining the right outcomes. We get it. 

We believe that a well planned and strategically aligned travel incentive program or event linked directly to business objectives is an essential investment for any company wanting to inspire and motivate sales people, reward and recognise support staff, value customers or solidify relationships with channel partners. While simultaneously reinforcing their brand, their message and their company values with the aim to create a genuine and long-term loyalty.

Experiential and emotional touchpoints are globally regarded as one of the most powerful engagement strategies and vehicles for success. At Brown Fox, our incentive experiences are no different. 

We take time to understand our clients, our clients' business, who the audience is and what business goals they are trying to achieve.

In today’s competitive landscape, ‘dangling a carrot’  is not enough. Your carrot MUST be different. We believe a true travel incentive or event should not be able to be re-packaged or replicated. Your travel incentive should be strong enough to provide you with a competitive advantage. So, we leave our autopilot at the door. We start from scratch and build something extraordinary that achieves the right outcomes. We develop our experiences using a business mind, coupled with creative design that sparks imagination and emotion. We want to make our client’s target audience FEEL something. Sometimes, we even want to make them cry (happy tears, don't panic).

We strive to encourage FOMO (fear of missing out), and for this to escalate over time as we watch our clients reap the benefits from this. Everyone will want to be involved, we can continue to exceed expectations and our clients can successfully continue to provide results, see the positive impact on their bottom line and a significant return on investment.


We believe in pushing the boundaries. Challenging the status quo. We break the barriers of travel incentive and event traditions of the past and pave the way to the future with a new approach to creative experiences.


We believe our client's audience wants more. And we know how to give it to them.

Brown Fox: Proud to be able to write this website without using the words 'bespoke', 'out-of-the-box' or 'wow factor'....