Consulting for corporate in-house teams


A great option for companies who have an in-house incentive travel and events team who just need a little push, fresh set of eyes, training or guidance in the right direction. 


Sometimes another pair of eyes is just what you need.


Designing and creating an incentive travel program, event or brand experience is a complicated beast and executing it is a whole other challenge in itself. Let us help you lay the foundation and guide you through creating a seamless incentive travel or event experience for your guests. 

Use us as your ‘Incentive Consultancy Service’. Think of us as your insurance policy for creating a seamless result. We are happy to share our secrets with you.

After all, it never hurts to have someone else share the workload, just incase. It is the sensible backstop to future-proofing your program and minimising risk.

We can provide recommendations for any part of your incentive travel or event creation; we can assist with motivation and uptake, provide a creative edge, re-arrange, tweak or enhance your existing experience or simply check through your existing run sheet to help look for gaps and minimise risk. Where possible, we can even introduce you to the relevant members of our amazing network who can also help you.