Incentive consulting for industry suppliers.


In our pursuit to achieve excellence for all experiences, Brown Fox is proud to offer a consultancy service to industry suppliers around the globe.


Changing the behaviour of our client's audience is hard enough, but sometimes, convincing others to help us push the boundaries and work with us to offer amazing, extraordinary experiences for the clients is truly an unexpected (but all too frequent) challenge.

The phrases, “Oh, thats not what we usually do”, “Most other companies do it this way” or “That's going to be pretty difficult” is not part of our vocabulary, and we don't want it to be part of our suppliers' either. If it is hard, hooray… it means we are on the right track in setting ourselves apart.

Following Jenna's vision to approach things differently with her groups, many suppliers worldwide and in various fields have changed, tweaked or refined the way that they operate following the impact of Jenna's amendments to their standard operations for groups. These changes often become part of their new best practice and several instances have seen additional services being on-sold to the suppliers other clients as a result.          

One of our top priorities is always the guest experience (even if they aren't our client). Therefore, we are proud to offer our consulting service to destinations, hotels/resorts, venues, caterers, DMCs, etc, to assist them with their approach to the MICE market for any particular client project they need help with. These can be large changes, or simple and small adjustments to current processes that can truly transform a group experience.