Having lived and worked across the globe, in senior levels in both agency and in the corporate sector, Jenna brings a rare skills combination to Brown Fox, experience on “both sides” of the fence. Jenna was adamant not to launch her own company without substantial experience in both areas and believes that this sets Brown Fox apart. She gets it. 

Jenna's experience means she is well-versed in relating to the expectations placed by corporate stakeholders. She also understands the challenges faced by professional incentive and event organisers when innovating and creating incentive programs across challenging supplier and complicated corporate decision making policy structures.

Jenna has the ability to walk into an empty space, anywhere in the world, and in her mind create the most detailed and elaborately creative experiences imaginable. Her mind works like an edited movie. She then takes things next level when she (somehow) manages to translate her mind into reality and perfectly executes her vision every time.

Her strong strategic marketing mindset means she ensures that the brand or message is translated into multiple touchpoints throughout the process, all becoming part of the far bigger picture. She is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible, and her constant strive for perfection drives most of us insane ... but is so worth it.

Jenna holds a Bachelor of Commerce, with First Class Honours in Marketing Management from the University of Otago. After graduating, Jenna devoted over a decade to creating incredible marketing programs and incentive and event experiences for many companies all over the world. The time has now come for Jenna to embark on her long time mission to build a sought after and leading Incentive Marketing company with solid values and a different approach.